AAPG Update

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AAPG Update
« on: January 28, 2016, 11:20:44 AM »

Our January update is focused on fixing known bugs and preparing for our content update next month. We've fixed some ADS issues with the weapons, made quality of life improvements to the server browser, and fixed many small bugs with our new UI. On top of that we were able to fix quite a few environment issues, audio issues, and some of the community's top reported bugs. The deadline for our Map Contest is just around the corner and we're extremely excited to start judging all of the entries. Submit your map before Feb 1 if you haven't, and take a look at the maps already submitted on the forums!

When sighting up with the M14 and M24 the sway no longer starts at the same point each time
Fixed a problem which caused some true scopes to become blurry when firing

Server Browser:
Servers in the browser now sort by official servers by default with ping the secondary sort
A "Last Played" column added to the History and Favorites tab in the server browser

Fixed an issue where a player's inventory would occasionally reset without them doing so
Fixed an issue where the main menu would vanish upon some disconnect scenarios
Tweaked the bleeding bar animation to be more readable at long distance
Fix for spectate UI vanishing after an interrupted revive attempt
The "Last Man Standing" message should no longer occasionally appear when spawning

Fixed a Z-fighting issue on the missile launcher prop used on Outer Hospital as well as other maps
Fix for players being able to anchor while standing on some objects
Closed off a spot on Watchdog where players could leave the play space
Fixed a collision issue on Bridge where players would float above one particular car
Fixed a small collision issue on Checkout where players could walk along an invisible ledge
Fixed an issue where shader settings had unintended effects on fog visibility on Bridge and Bridge Night
Dynamic lights are now forced on when a shoot house is played, which fixes the long-standing issue of blacked out targets on the range; be aware dynamic lights will remain on upon the conclusion of a shoot house

Tweaked audio settings within Redline and Harbor Assault for better results with some ambient sounds
A particular sparking lamp in Redline is no longer excessively loud


Admin map changes now overrule all other map votes
Closed a possible console command exploit
Fixed a rare server crash
Grenades, bleedouts and takedown will no longer count toward Hawkeyes and do not interrupt a Hawkeye streak
Fixed a rare client crash upon reviving or securing just as a round ends
Crouched and walking with the shotgun no longer results in the arms and head clipping

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