AA:PG Team: Recruiting

03/31/16 - 7:33 PM

Our AA:PG team is seeking (2) players with a moderate level of experience to fill a starter/backup role and we will be selective!  You must be 18+ years of age and must be mature!  Must be able to play during the following days and times: Monday - Thursday 7-10PM EST with weekends off.  If you are looking to join our team, please visit our fourm and post an app [HERE]

- No prior bans
- Good gaming PC
- Good pair of headphones
- Central or East Coast only (Chicago server)


FGN Week 3 - i9 vs DA

03/24/16 - 11:30 PM
Tonight, IceNine faced off with Disciplined Aggression on Shadow Step for Week 3.  With a rocky start on assault,  IceNine salvaged 2 rounds despite making a couple of mistakes and then i9 was able to steal 2 big rounds setting them up at halftime 5-2.  While on defense,  IceNine took a commanding lead and locked down all 7 of the remaining rounds with a final 12-2.

Match cast by DobaFGN Week 3 - i9 vs DA



IceNine MWLAN16

03/19/16 - 2:43 PM
Just letting you guys know were 3-0 at MWLAN16 winning 16-2, 16-4, 16-6

if you guys wanna watch 5 attractive men dominate :D


IceNine picks up CS:GO team.

03/17/16 - 4:59 PM
IceNine is pleased to welcome opt and the guys from his team.  Opt aka myzery is an old school AA player from audigy and has been playing csgo for the Northmen.  They are currently competing in ESEA and fighting for a top spot in there league. 

CS:GO Roster:   

s exceed


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