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EVGA: Halloween Sale

10/30/18 - 12:36 PM

All supernova's are now on sale at EVGA and are now coming with a 12 year Warranty.  Don't forget to use our affiliate code KABLVZK2VY during your product registration and enter in to win free EVGA products.



EVGA NVIDIAGeForce RTX 20-Series

08/21/18 - 4:06 PM

EVGA @NVIDIAGeForce RTX 20-Series Graphics Cards give you incredible gaming realism with real time ray tracing. Learn more at


Rainbow 6: IceNine sweeps CFL in ...

07/03/18 - 4:46 PM

IceNine Rainbow 6 debuted in their first league (CFL) under the IceNine organization.    It was a long season but IceNine Gaming swept the competition winning season two with an undefeated record.  Big shoutout to the guys on i9.r6  Congratulations on earning s2 CFL champs. 



BF1: The boys are back

06/12/18 - 12:14 AM

IceNine is back, we have a fire lit under our ass and we will prepare for the win of a  domination single elimination tournament. As we prepare to come back from a 3 month hiatus, we welcome some new members to the mix including l2noob, Edison_009 and MindFlexer with our veterans leading the pack. Be sure to tune in to all the action live at @TheRealfruw0w


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