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Tcadmin control panel allows you to manage your server with options like start,stop and install with just a couple clicks. We also have hundreds of mods that are available and easy to install on any game server. You can also monitor the status of your server and some games also have the option to use rcon commands right from Tcadmin. We've chosen 9 locations world-wide based off of customer preferences for our Data Center locations to provide maximum coverage, with the lowest latency possible. Order your server today at

ESEA offers the industry leading anti-cheat client so you can put your mind at ease by competing on a level playing field. Evenly matched games on the highest quality game servers worldwide with 128 tick rate. Qualify for major tournaments, join daily challenges & cups, and win cool prizes. What are you waiting for? Join Today!


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GT Omega

GT Omega Racing is one of the world's leading brand in Sim racing cockpits, racing office chairs and sim racing equipments. Our aim is to provide the best equipments with all our products, provide an equally high level of aftercare support. For 5% off visit

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