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Date Opponent League Result Score Detail
11/15/18vRNACL[0-2] View
06/23/18XANCFL[2-1] View
06/16/18Artic Gaming CFL: Knock Out Tournament[1-0] View
06/09/18Stoned To DeathCFL[2-0] View
06/02/18||||CFL[2-0] View
05/27/18BatsCFL[2-0] View
05/12/18XanarchyCFL[2-1] View
03/11/18iIlusionz ESB[0-4] View
03/09/185th DimensionBCFL[4-0] View
03/04/18EZLNBCFL[4-0] View
02/25/18HazardBCFL[4-0] View
02/18/18ZdivBSL[0-4] View
02/16/18ZdivBCFL[0-4] View
02/11/18THE1BSL[3-1] View
02/04/18Z Division BCFL[1-3] View
02/04/18Squids / Octapuzz Gaming BlueBSL[4-0] View
01/26/18Project TrojanBCFL[0-3] View
01/19/18Fifth DimenstionBCFL[3-1] View
01/10/18EZLNBCFL[3-0] View
12/17/17tribE eGaming ESB[2-1] View
12/16/17Berlin47ESB[4-0] View
12/10/17Berlin47ESB[4-0] View
12/09/17Revelation eSportsBSL[0-4] View
12/03/17RG3TESB[4-0] View
12/01/17M4LBSL[4-0] View
11/26/17BERLIN47ESB[3-1] View
11/24/17Power RangersBSL[4-0] View
11/24/17Battlefield Guardians BCL[4-0] View
11/18/17tribE eGamingESB[4-0] View
11/17/17Iron ThroneBCL[4-0] View
11/14/17CPVBSL[4-0] View
11/13/17Rage eSportsESB[4-0] View
11/10/17Project TrojanBSL[4-0] View
11/09/17Inglorious Bastards BCL[4-0] View
11/05/17German Code ZeroESB[4-0] View
11/04/17tribE eGamingBSL[2-2] View
10/29/17 conveX esportsESB[1-1] View
10/27/17HardSnugglersBSL[4-0] View
10/22/17iAceBSL[0-2] View
10/20/17Unlimited GamingESB[4-2] View
10/15/17Emperial eSportsBSL[0-4] View
10/08/17ProLegion GamingBSL[0-1] View
10/08/17RG3TBSL[1-0] View
10/06/17Prototype eSportBSL[0-4] View
09/29/17AeXBSL[0-4] View
09/27/17Defy BSL [0-4] View
09/20/17ExNBSL [4-0] View
09/07/17TTPBSL [4-0] View
03/28/17MexicoFGN Season 3[7-15] View
03/08/17MexicoFGN Season 3[24-4] View
02/28/17Iron KnightsFGN Season 3[16-15] View
02/26/17Know ThreatFGN Season 3[12-16] View
01/31/17Send DicksFGN Season 3[16-12] View
11/06/16HyperplexFGN Season 2[2-1] View
10/25/16Iron KnightsFGN Season 2[2-1] View
10/11/16HyperplexFGN Season 2[18-10] View
10/04/16Angry BirdsFGN Season 2[15-13] View
09/27/16Nine ElevenFGN Season 2[20-8] View
09/20/16Team Gun RunnersFGN Season 2[27-1] View
09/13/16Iron KnightsFGN Season 2[15-13] View
09/04/16Fight ClubFGN Season 2[22-4] View
08/30/16Don't Care GamingFGN Season 2[16-12] View
06/01/16Iron KnightsFN Season 4[20-11] View
05/26/16InvadersFGN Season 1[8-16] View
05/19/16Ground ZeroFGN Season 1[16-4] View
05/08/16Team Gun RunnersFGN Season 1[13-1] View
04/27/16Ground ZeroFGN Season 1[9-5] View
04/26/16InvadersFN Season 4[1-2] View
04/20/16Iron KnightsFGN Season 1[5-9] View
04/19/16Disciplined AggressionFN Season 4[16-6] View
04/18/16Angry BirdsFGN Season 1[9-5] View
04/06/16HyperplexFGN Season 1[9-5] View
03/30/16InvadersFGN Season 1[5-9] View
03/24/16Disciplined AggressionFGN Season 1[12-2] View
03/16/16Dont CareFGN Season 1[4-10] View
03/10/16Fight ClubFGN Season 1[11-3] View
03/01/16Same Shit Different DayFN Season 4[8-2] View
02/23/163rd Infantry DivisionFN Season 4[8-2] View
02/16/16DONT CAREFN Season 4[8-6] View
02/09/16STARS OF BATTLEFIELDFN Season 4[8-3] View
02/02/16Catagory 5FN Season 4[8-2] View
01/26/16InvadersFN Season 4[6-8] View
01/19/16Iron KnightsFN Season 4[8-2] View
01/12/16Inglorious BastardsFN Season 4[8-0] View
06/04/15'omertaFN Season 3[8-6] View
05/31/15'omertaESL Tournament[4-9] View
05/21/15Whos NextFN Season 3[8-5] View
05/17/15IoGESL Tournament[2-8] View
05/03/15InsightESL Tournament[9-7] View
04/29/15SSDDFN Ladder[8-0] View
04/26/15Whos NextFN Tournament [10-7] View
04/26/1512ozFN Tournament [8-5] View
04/26/1512ozFN Tournament [8-2] View
04/26/15Iron KnightsFN Tournament [8-4] View
04/19/153rdIDESL Tournament[9-3] View
04/15/15SSDDFN Ladder[7-6] View
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