IceNine adds a CS:GO team

09/09/16 - 12:18 AM
IceNine welcomes back Smrffyy and the guys from his csgo team.  Smrffyy is an old school i9 player from the COD days and has been currently playing csgo.  They will be competing in ESEA and fighting for a top spot in there league. 


FGN Week 2 Results

09/04/16 - 10:26 PM
IceNine defeats Fightclub 22-4-2 in week 2, no cast this week because of the last min schedule change.  Check back later for the highlight video in the following days.

Watchdog: 12-2

Harbor: 10-2-2

AAPG: FGN Week2 Highlights


FGN Week 1 Results

08/30/16 - 11:14 PM
IceNine takes out dcG 8-6 on spring street and 8-6 on checkout.  Great game fellas.

Check out the cast by Doba


FGN Season 2

08/23/16 - 12:00 AM
Flank Gaming Network's Season 2 is just around the corner and the week one match ups are out.  IceNine will be throwing down with dcG on SpringStreet and Checkout in Week 1.  With the addition of doogle  and Griff3y ,  IceNine will be making a number of changes to its lineup before the season opener.  Check back, for the week one cast.


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