BCFL: Week 1 vs EZLN

01/10/18 - 1:36 PM
With 2017 ending in an IceNine victory over tribE egaming in the ESB finals, We kick off the new year in high gear starting week 1 of BCFL (battlefield coalition force league) with IceNine facing off against EZLN tonight (1/10/18) at 10 pm est. Be sure to tune in and watch the new season unfold at @The Real fruw0w  on youtube.


ESB Season 2 Champions

12/17/17 - 8:22 PM
After a Saturday forfeit from berlin 47, IceNine headed in to the finals and came into Sunday's match with a fire brewing. Second map on Sinai Desert was a slow start but with a 10 point deficit, they rushed for the triple cap taking the game with a 100-99 win. The competition was tough but IceNine pushed through to take the overall win with an undefeated score of 9-0-1, crowning IceNine the division 3 champions. Big congrats to IceNine as a whole. With persistency and practice we come out on top!


ESB Final: IceNine vs Tribe

12/16/17 - 1:45 PM
After last weeks dispute from Berlin47 causing a rematch,  IceNine headed into the semi-finals with an undefeated 7-0-1 record. IceNine was ready and fired up just as Berlin47 threw the white flag for today's rematch. With the forfeit, it solidifies IceNines spot in the finals. The finals are scheduled for Sunday 12/17 at 3est against tribe egaming. Be sure to tune in YouTube @ The Real fruw0w


AAPG: Recruitment

12/14/17 - 5:14 PM
IceNine is looking for 2-3 hardcore pub-stars or ex-comp players to rampage public servers, a couple nights a week.  We are also looking at joining the upcoming TWL league.

- Must be 18+
- Must be mature!
- No prior bans
- Good gaming PC
- Good pair of headphones & microphone


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