AA:PG Team: Recruiting

07/30/16 - 11:41 AM
Our AA:PG team is seeking (3) players with a moderate level of experience to fill a (2)starter / (1)backup role and we will be selective!  You must be 18+ years of age and must be mature!  Must be able to play during the following days and times: Monday - Thursday 7-10PM EST with weekends off.  If you are looking to join our team, please visit our fourm and post an app [HERE]

- No prior bans
- Good gaming PC
- Good pair of headphones
- Prior comp experience
- Central or East Coast only (Chicago server)



06/18/16 - 7:24 PM
On June 30th, the Army will be releasing VIP mode for AAPG and posted the following:

Available on:
FLO: Intercept, Slums, Redline, Overload, Inner Hospital, Homestead
BDX: SpringStreet, Inner Hospital

  • Map makers have full access to the VIP mode and settings

  • VIP spawns with a weapon that has limited ammo. Weapon can change based on map

  • VIP runs slightly slower than a soldier

  • VIP has slightly more health than a soldier

  • VIP is chosen semi randomly based on user settings. You can choose "Rarely, Normal, and Often" (This option is in the MISC settings menu)

  • If the VIP is secured or downed twice, the round is over

  • Some VIP maps have new weapon and item pick-ups scattered throughout the levels

  • The VIP has unique call-outs and footstep sounds

  • The VIP cannot use supported positions

  • The VIP has a unique nameplate, which is customizable


Battle for 3rd Place

05/29/16 - 9:04 PM
IceNine lost a tough match last week 8-16 against invaders for the semi-finals.  Now the battle for 3rd place is on and the match will take place this Wednesday at 9PM EST against Iron Knights.  Stay tuned in for the upcoming cast into.


FGN Playoffs - Round One vs Gz

05/20/16 - 4:28 PM
IceNine defeated Ground Zero in the first round of the playoffs with a total of 16-4. It was unclear if IceNine was able to field 5 players this week with Motive on a LOA and x t r's video card burned out.  Lucky for x t r, Krux  expressed his extra video card and he received it the day of the match.

IceNine made a number of adjustments before the match to help counter Ground Zero's base strategy from there previous match up in week 8 on Siege.  IceNine displayed a number of good pushes and was able to pick Ground Zero apart 8-0.

With the switch to Inner, Ground Zero was able to take 4 of 12 round with 4-5 rounds coming down to the wire.  IceNine made a couple of strong rotations and was able to stop Ground Zero just feet short of the extraction on 3 different rounds.   


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