FGN Week 8 - Gz vs i9

05/01/16 - 3:56 PM
FGN week 8 of the regular season started with IceNine vs Gz for the match of the week.  After a bad performance against invaders for the FN finals.  IceNine bounced back with a solid first half against Gz leading 6-1 at the swap.  Gz played very well on defence and picked up 4 extra rounds but IceNine was able to make some last minute adjustments to overcome Gz 9-5. 

Check out the cast by doba -


AA:PG Team: Recruiting

03/31/16 - 7:33 PM

Our AA:PG team is seeking (2) players with a moderate level of experience to fill a starter/backup role and we will be selective!  You must be 18+ years of age and must be mature!  Must be able to play during the following days and times: Monday - Thursday 7-10PM EST with weekends off.  If you are looking to join our team, please visit our fourm and post an app [HERE]

- No prior bans
- Good gaming PC
- Good pair of headphones
- Central or East Coast only (Chicago server)


FGN Week 3 - i9 vs DA

03/24/16 - 11:30 PM
Tonight, IceNine faced off with Disciplined Aggression on Shadow Step for Week 3.  With a rocky start on assault,  IceNine salvaged 2 rounds despite making a couple of mistakes and then i9 was able to steal 2 big rounds setting them up at halftime 5-2.  While on defense,  IceNine took a commanding lead and locked down all 7 of the remaining rounds with a final 12-2.

Match cast by DobaFGN Week 3 - i9 vs DA



IceNine MWLAN16

03/19/16 - 2:43 PM
Just letting you guys know were 3-0 at MWLAN16 winning 16-2, 16-4, 16-6

if you guys wanna watch 5 attractive men dominate :D


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