ESB: IceNine vs berlin47 | Rematch

12/12/17 - 7:52 PM
After a 4-0 victory on Sunday against berlin47, they decided to dispute our victory due to accusations of "vault glitching". A rematch has been rescheduled for Saturday 12/16 at 3 pm est. With The finals scheduled to take place Sunday at 3 pm est 12/17 against Tribe eGaming. The pressure is on to take the win and reclaim our spot in the finals. Be sure to tune in and follow all the action this weekend on YouTube @ The Real fruw0w


ESB: IceNine vs Berlin47

12/06/17 - 8:50 AM
This Sunday (12/10/17) at 9 pm CET IceNine heads in to the semi-finals to face off against Berlin47 for the first playoff round of the season. IceNine is keeping the pressure on with an undefeated record of 6-0-1 and lead themselves to victory against berlin47 earlier this season with a clutch 3-1 victory. Be sure to tune in Sunday and witness IceNine push towards a playoff win and move one step closer to the championship


ESB: IceNine vs tribE

11/13/17 - 7:01 AM
IceNine heads into week 5 of ESB undefeated with a record of 3-0 with one draw.  IceNine will once again go head to head with the talented tribE eGaming in ESB.  Previously when we played them in BSL it resulted in a tie even though we earned more tickets,  BSL goes by rounds and not the ticket count.  IceNine looks to solidify a win,  although it won't be easy.  We're going to stay chill and attempt to put tribE eSports on ice this Sunday.  As always don't miss any of the action as it will be streamed on YouTube @. The Real fruw0w 


IceNine vs. Aura (Prototype eSports)

10/02/17 - 8:46 PM
Coming off two straight losses, against arguably the best NA teams in BSL and IceNine will take on Prototype eSports in week 5.  It's been a tough schedule but we've taken time to regroup and come out swinging with i9 pride.  Map pool and match time is TBA.  As always match footage will be available live YouTube @ The Real fruw0w .


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