Site Update - v2

02/28/16 - 7:06 AM
The new IceNine website is here and special shoutout to liquid  for doing all the heavy lifting.  The main sections of the website are complete but we will continue to add the rest of the small items in the next week.  It will constantly be evolving, add new features, customizing user and admin panels as we go.  After the majority of the website is complete,  we will move forward with integrating the website to the forums. 

So check back for future updates!


TWL - Ides of March

02/21/16 - 4:56 PM
This tournament will be TWL's first tournament for AA:PG on there temporary script and open to the first 16 teams to register.  They are hosting this tournament to help build our community back while we work on there customer league/ladder scripts. Check them out at The only prizes here, will be a graphic for your website and a high five. This is purely for fun.
America's Army Ides of March Open

No of Teams: 16
Type: Single Elimination

Welcome to America's Army Ides of March Open.

This will be a max of 16 teams.

Teams will have a max of 10 players on their roster.

We encourage all teams to read the rules and make sure you download MOSS AC Client. This tournament will be a 4v4 and you will have a whole week to complete your games. The default day will be Wednesday at 9PM EST and the cut off time will be 11:59PM EST on Wednesday night. The tournament will open on March 15, and teams have 1 week to complete each round.

ROUND 1 - Mar 16-23
ROUND 2 - Mar 24-30
ROUND 3 - Mar 31-Apr 6
ROUND 4 - Apr 7-13


FGL 5v5 League

02/20/16 - 7:30 PM
FGL has finalized the new site, and are moving forward with there attempt of hosting an America's Army Proving Grounds event.  FGL is looking for a minimum of 8 teams to sign up, but they would love to have more than just that. Both North American and European teams are welcomed to participate so long as time constraints allow teams to participate.
Visit this link:AAPG 5v5 League
Once registered create a team then signup for league via this link:

The anti-cheat client we will be using is MOSS: MOSS:
Check it out, its going to be a much different playing field out there, hooah!

We will be starting First week of March. Currently we will be playing Thursday Nights but that could change.


TWL is Back!

02/19/16 - 10:09 PM
You read it right, TWL is back... and under new management. Gone are the days of anyone paying for anything. They are back to there roots, community based gaming, for you, by you. They are building everything from scratch. Check them out at
They are in need of volunteers to help do everything from web design to script coding, and of course game admins and news staff. Their goal is to have the ladder/league script completed by the end of Q1 2016. In the meantime, you can join there new forums, discuss gaming, and build the community back to what it was.

They are hosting a pub night. TeamWarfare Community Night - Take Two! 3/11/2016 - 2100 EST

More on that here - TeamWarfare Community Night


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