Game Update Notes (20 OCT 2016)

10/20/16 - 12:32 PM
Huge update came out today and they have made a lot of changes to a number of items.  Make sure you check it out

Dev Kartigan will be watching the forums answering any questions you have regarding the 'netcode' update. We will have a split out thread for that.

Game Update Notes (20 OCT 2016)


FGN Week 7 Results

10/12/16 - 10:10 AM
IceNine remains undefeated after beating Hyperplex 18-10.  Things started off rocky on Inner Hospital while IceNine was on defense and HPX was able to take a couple of rounds while playing a man down.  After the 5th round, i9 put together a number of solid rounds and was able to run away with the game 10-4. Then on checkout, each team held the majority of rounds while on defense but i9 was able to squeak out a couple more on assault winning the game 8-6.

Watch Doba's stream at - >> HERE <<


FGN Week 5 vs Angry Birds

10/02/16 - 9:00 PM
There are only two games left in the regular season and IceNine will collide with 4F Tuesday night at 9est on springstreet/shadowstep in week 6.  4F can always be dangerous with Hyperlite and Deadly in the lineup but IceNine will try to remain prefect. Check back for the cast info.


FGN Week 5 Results

09/28/16 - 4:51 PM
IceNine stayed on pace and took out Nine Eleven last night 20-8.  A couple rounds IceNine played very sloppy and in which case lead to losing 3-4 rounds.  Overall it was a good night and Nine Eleven played well. 

Siege: 10 - 4
Replay -

Intercept: 10 - 4
Replay - Coming Soon




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