IceNine starts CSGO team

04/05/17 - 4:58 PM
With the hugh decline in AA:PG, we figured it was the best time to start a CS:GO team.  We have shuffled the rosters around and we may continue to play AA:PG if there is still a league. xtopherus , motiive, and Krux  have moved to the CS:GO roster full time and we also added deadlygrouse and realized to the roster.  We will be looking forward to the next season at ESEA. 


FGN S3 - WK5: vs MEX

03/14/17 - 9:42 AM
Week 5 started with making a lineup change on Siege and we shuffled our positions around on watchdog.  We actually had one scrim to prep for Mexico and the changes paid off nicely.  We were able to run the table on both maps with a 13-1 on Watchdog and 11-3 on Siege.   


EVGA Gaming

03/06/17 - 8:31 AM
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FGN S3: IceNine vs Pubstars

02/02/17 - 9:12 AM
IceNine defeats Pubstars 16-12 in the Season 3 opener for FGN.IceNine cruised through lockdown 9-5 and struggled a bit on breach with the new lineup that ended in a tie 7-7.Overall not a bad job, considering IceNine played 3 brand new team players with no comp experience.Great job to our new players.


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