IceNine adds Battlefield 1 Team

08/17/17 - 8:06 PM
IceNine has added a Battlefield 1 team on PS4 and we wish you the best of luck.

Here is there roster:



ESEA Season 25 Open - Game #2

06/08/17 - 8:17 PM
IceNine will be looking to take down Principalis in Game #2 of the ESEA Season 25 Open League.  Tonight's game will be at 830CST on Nuke.


ESEA Season 25 - IM Game #1

06/07/17 - 7:07 PM
IceNine's IM team takes on Chick-fil-A Fraggers for ESEA Season 25.  They will be playing on Nuke at 9EST.  Match Details


ESEA Season 25 - IM Roster

06/04/17 - 12:05 PM
IceNine has set the ESEA Intermediate roster for season 25 and check it out 


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