09/20/17 - 11:03 AM
IceNine currently sits 2-0 and is ranked 2nd in the league as of right now.  We go head to head with our hardest opponent DEFY this coming Friday.  Don't miss the action on my YouTube channel -  The Real fruw0w

Also we have added a player to our roster.  Everyone welcome RoBinPERU to the team!  IceNine.BF1 will be adding 3-4 more players to the roster to serve as backups and/or possibly allow us to register for conquest tournaments also.  More to come in the future!


IceNine adds Battlefield 1 Team

08/17/17 - 8:06 PM
IceNine has added a Battlefield 1 team on PS4 and we wish you the best of luck.

Here is there roster:



ESEA Season 25 Open - Game #2

06/08/17 - 8:17 PM
IceNine will be looking to take down Principalis in Game #2 of the ESEA Season 25 Open League.  Tonight's game will be at 830CST on Nuke.


ESEA Season 25 - IM Game #1

06/07/17 - 7:07 PM
IceNine's IM team takes on Chick-fil-A Fraggers for ESEA Season 25.  They will be playing on Nuke at 9EST.  Match Details


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