CFL: IceNine vs pT

04/24/18 - 7:36 PM
On April 5th (time TBA) IceNine will be making its debut in rainbow six siege, facing off against pT in its first CFL R6 league. The lineup is as follows, shiftdt, ohSur, OscarM452, Infinite_frags , SeanIsFoxy, mvemjsunp666  and Garfie489 . Be sure to tune in to all the action and get ready for a new face of i9.


Streamer - Rideforlife3

04/22/18 - 1:38 PM
Check out for our latest Battlefield One action and his youtube channel Rideforlife3. Make sure you tune in for Ride's up coming giveaways which include a brand new razer raiju ps4 controller and others soon to come.

Also check out for all his latest updates and be sure you hit that like & subscribe button.



03/22/18 - 9:02 AM

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The GT Omega PRO Chair has a built in reclining mechanism to allow 85 to 160 degree backwards and forwards tilting movement. The chair can be adjusted to a lowered angled position for taking a quick nap, making it especially suitable for gamers. Height can also be adjusted.

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The GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chairs are perfect to spoof up your home office, corporate board room and games room.


BSL Season 2 - Week 1 vs Squids

01/25/18 - 7:15 PM
This coming week , we kicks off in BSL (battlefield super league) facing off against squids. With this being the second league to kick off the year with the newest member of the roster ( ELUSIVEfReak ), IceNine is coming with force, be sure to tune in Sunday for all the BSL action on YouTube @The Real fruw0w


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