ESEA Season 25 - IM Roster

06/04/17 - 12:05 PM
IceNine has set the ESEA Intermediate roster for season 25 and check it out 


ESEA Season 25 Open - Match #1

06/04/17 - 11:35 AM
ESEA Season 25 will start on Monday June 5th,  IceNine's Open Team will take on Y33T Squad on de_nuke at 730 CST.  Y33T Squad starting line up will be dr_wocs15, YoungJefe, _m00se_, Whodass, and BenE.  With IceNine still working on a number of aspects,  we will announce IceNine's starting lineup the day of the match. 


EVGA 1080 TI Give Away!

05/08/17 - 6:05 PM

EVGA is proud to announce our GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming Hybrid video card.  To celebrate, we are giving one away to our awesome community!  Enter now for a chance to win!  The more times you enter, the better your chances to win.


IceNine adds 2nd CSGO team.

04/27/17 - 6:58 PM
We are pleased to welcome, Kory "Twinn" Matsen, Alex "yipi" Pacha, and Ian "bumpaah" DeHaan to IceNine.  They will be representing IceNine in ESEA 25 intermediate league and will be looking to run the table.  We are currently looking for a good AWP'er for the intermediate team and check out the team page for details.


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